Claims of the Land

I recently entered a painting in  for an exhibition here in Cape Town entitled ” Claims for the Land”.  I painted this last year experimenting with acrylics which I am not very familiar with. It was fun and as the painting developed, I saw the Mavericks plane hovering over the city.  It usually emerges when something big is happening in the city, particularly a big rugby or cricket match.  When the exhibition came up, I redid the little plane with Attitude, entitled “Mother Nature”.

The firefighters made a huge impression on me after the recent fires on Table Mountain so I came up with this painting in oils on canvas.  Claims of the land has stuck in my mind so I guess I shall continue along that vein.mother nature painting of chopper

A couple of weeks in March Cape Town

My youngest son Nick lives and works in the Congo and comes home for a two week break after a period of six weeks.  This time has been particularly busy.  Table mountain was ablaze and our house is pretty close to the mountain giving us a birds eye view of the action.

My Mum turned 90 and had a wonderful birthday party in a shady spot under the trees at a wine farm called Vergelegen in Somerset West. Besides its award winning wines, this estate is known for its history spanning over 300 years and its gorgeous grounds.

Nick is a Mauy Thai fighter and instructor and had a fight  arranged on the Saturday evening.  Despite losing, it was a good show and after a few years away, he felt good to be back in the ring.  He has a small group of people at the mine where he works who have joined him for training in the evenings.  The Congolese love it !

We took a short trip up the west coast to a quaint town called Ysterfontein. Hardly anyone there so we had the beach to ourselves.SAMSUNG CSC 02-06-IMG_1877 10-18-IMG_1890 12-21-IMG_1900 SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC 01-IMG_1968

Fire on Table Mountain

10-029 09-026 08-021 07-019 06-010 05-037 04-035 01-040Table Mountain National Park, part of the Cape Floral Kingdom World Heritage Site, is so rich in floral biodiversity.  The type of vegetation is Fynbos which has developed over millions of years with restios dating as far back as 60 million.   This is a fire-dependent vegetation that needs to burn around every 15 years or so to stimulate new growth.  Unfortunately houses have infected the mountainside, so fires that would be beneficial for the survival of plants, are extinguished.

I took a walk early this morning and some of these pics can give you a feel of what its like.02-009