A couple of weeks in March Cape Town

My youngest son Nick lives and works in the Congo and comes home for a two week break after a period of six weeks.  This time has been particularly busy.  Table mountain was ablaze and our house is pretty close to the mountain giving us a birds eye view of the action.

My Mum turned 90 and had a wonderful birthday party in a shady spot under the trees at a wine farm called Vergelegen in Somerset West. Besides its award winning wines, this estate is known for its history spanning over 300 years and its gorgeous grounds.

Nick is a Mauy Thai fighter and instructor and had a fight  arranged on the Saturday evening.  Despite losing, it was a good show and after a few years away, he felt good to be back in the ring.  He has a small group of people at the mine where he works who have joined him for training in the evenings.  The Congolese love it !

We took a short trip up the west coast to a quaint town called Ysterfontein. Hardly anyone there so we had the beach to ourselves.SAMSUNG CSC 02-06-IMG_1877 10-18-IMG_1890 12-21-IMG_1900 SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC 01-IMG_1968

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